10 Steps to Grow your Writing Business — part one

Chris Lowry
3 min readDec 30, 2020

People will buy from you when they feel understood.

Jim Covey said one of the habits of the most successful people is to first seek to understand, then to be understood. People trust you if you listen to what they are saying.

Sometimes this is asking more questions to get clarity, and to make sure you know what they are asking or what they are saying. If you work really hard to understand someone, they will trust you when you turn around and share value with them.

You should work to be understood. You should change your pattern of thinking toward working to understand before you speak.

Did you know you could do this on your blog?

Remember that list of 25 article titles I asked you to write? Why do you think we used the example: 5 Easy Steps or 10 Things?

Because when you can carve your thoughts and knowledge down to 5 simple things, you are going to be a better communicator. People are overwhelmed with information today. It’s coming at them from all directions.

You must understand this and do your best to keep it simple. When a client or customer leaves a comment, ask questions so you understand what they really want, then direct them in the right answer.

When I was in corporate America, that’s how I learned to coach. Can you imagine Phil Jackson coaching Jordan or Kobe? These are the best basketball players in the world, but he was able to tap into their inner knowledge and get them to perform at a far superior level. How?

By asking the right questions.

Questions will provide clarity, and direct you as to how you should answer and solve the problem.

One of the best things I’ve learned from asking questions is a simple formula for building a non-fiction book business.

○ Write a blog post every day for a month on one subject

○ Turn your 30 blog posts into a book by rewriting

○ Create a landing page and opt in form for the book and offer it as a free pdf

○ Build your email list by blogging 30 to 90 more days on the subject

○ Invite people to comment on your blog posts and respond to each comment

○ Make note of the problems mentioned, create a survey monkey to share with your list

○ Write a book that solves the number one problem the survey identifies

○ Launch the book while you keep writing blog posts about the subject

That’s it, a simple step by step plan that has multiple moving parts, but one you can get started on today.

Yes, it’s the broad strokes, and each of the steps listed can have multiple iterations where you can identify how to improve, or to create additional opportunities to serve your tribe. But that’s the basis of your business.

Chris Lowry

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