You should think about problems.

And practice your reaction.

Easier said than done.

But, if you can work out how to do it, you will be steps ahead of everyone else.

When that problem happens.

I think about this as Russia is getting ready to invade Ukraine.

And China is…

I have been thinking lately

Which is a dangerous thing.

The lights from the holidays have come down and the boxes are staring at me in an expectant, take me to the attic, sort of way.

You know how boxes are.

My grandfather had almost a half a block of…



“Penelope Wise?”

“Present,” said a small voice in the front row, near the corner of the crowded classroom.

“Hello Penny,” said Ms. Randolph. Her face was pleasant, like a favorite aunt who knew more than one family secret.

“You’re reputation precedes you.”

“Thank you,” Penny…



Sterling walked through the door of Fenix station and nodded to Madge behind her desk as she tried to ignore him.

“Morning Madge,” he tipped the brim of his hat.

The action earned him a sniff of disapproval and what sounded like…

The day before a holiday is weird.

I imagine, if I was at work today, we would have a big potluck lunch.

That’s what we did when I worked in corporate America.

I always brought a few dozen chocolate chip cookies that people raved about.

I am a master at…

I wonder why.

A lot.

Good questions get good answers.

Great questions get great answers.

For me, it’s all about learning how to ask the right questions.

And practice at getting better at it every day.

The why is important.

Maybe the most important.

Why do we do the things…

Chris Lowry

Author at Runner writing books and on a #Moonshot Mission to help 1000 writers break six figures incomes this year

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