The 2022 Marketing Plan

It’s only $299.

That’s 20% off.

Even though I don’t have it.

It’s for a limited time, which is the best way to make a discount offer.

I do it all the time with 5 day promotions.

But they never schedule it around the 29th, which…

Showtime just released Ray Donovan the movie which is a sequel to Ray Donovan the series.

Fans were disappointed when the series was canceled without much warning and left a bunch of open story lines that needed to be resolved.

The movie was supposed to wrap everything up.

And I…

The sky is falling.

That’s what chicken little screamed.

Woe unto us and buyer beware.

Gas is going up.

Since everything is shipped via gas to stores, that means everything else is going up too.

Don’t worry though, the White House warns, everything should be “back to normal” by the…


“We’re here to catch a Cat burglar.”

Coop stared through the windshield and ignored the crack that ran from the top corner right through his field of vision.

It was like staring through a pair of bifocals coated with a fine sheen of dust.

“I don’t see what he…

Chris Lowry

Author at Runner writing books and on a #Moonshot Mission to help 1000 writers break six figures incomes this year

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