A Simple Way to Grab Your Free Cryptocurrency

Chris Lowry
2 min readFeb 18, 2022

A super simple way to cash out free crypto currency.

I did just did this last night, so I know it works.

First, go set up your free account at Coinbase.

You’ll have to verify your information and your identity.

So give it a few minutes.

Then explore the app to find the learn button.

This is a series of easy graphic lessons that teach you about Bitcoin render Solano and other cryptocurrencies.

Each quiz is about four or five questions and takes five minutes or less to complete once you’re done.

The crypto is added to your account.

So just go ahead and select one, like RNDR and click the trade button.

Then near the bottom, it’ll say click to sell for cash in the upper left side.

It will say click max.

It’s a little circle with black letters in it, and that will sell all.

Now it’s converted to cash.

Then just repeat it for each crypto lesson, then cash out and transfer to your connected bank account.

It really is that easy though.

You may have to hold onto some crypto for a set time period.

I didn’t for render though, even though I did for Bitcoin, I’ve been holding it for a while.

I took the quiz in five minutes and then cashed it out to now. Now here’s the bonus kicker.

When you click on this link you get $10 in Bitcoin for free.

Sit on it until May, when it goes up again or cash it out now.

Let me know how it works for you.

Especially if you don’t cash out fast, but take the quizzes, get your free cryptocurrency and wait until the market goes back up again in May or August.

Good luck.



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