Bayou Magic — an urban fantasy adventure

Chris Lowry
20 min readFeb 21, 2024


The air in the dimly lit room crackled with energy as Kat, a formidable witch with a cascade of raven-black hair and piercing green eyes, stood at the center of the circle formed by her coven. The flickering candles cast dancing shadows on the walls, creating an atmosphere both mysterious and enchanting. The gathered witches, each with their own unique flair of mysticism, eagerly awaited Kat’s tale.

“Tonight, my dear sisters, I shall regale you with a tale woven into the fabric of time itself,” Kat began, her voice resonating through the room like a haunting melody.

“A tale of greed, adventure, and a treasure lost to the clutches of history — a tale that traces back to the heart of Louisiana, where the whispers of the past linger in the rustling leaves and winding rivers.”

The coven leaned in, their eyes fixed on Kat, captivated by the anticipation of the legend that was about to unfold.

“Centuries ago, in the age of exploration, when the Old World sought to conquer the New, a group of Spanish Conquistadors stumbled upon a treasure beyond their wildest dreams — a treasure said to possess magical powers, a relic from a time long forgotten.”

Kat gestured dramatically, her hands tracing invisible patterns in the air as she painted the…



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