Danny Gumbo Files — a classic murder mystery

Chris Lowry
5 min readNov 4, 2023

The Florida Gulf Coast basked in the glow of a setting sun, its tranquil waters casting shimmering reflections on the pristine white sand. Danny Gumbo, the seasoned private investigator, leaned against the railings of a weathered pier, watching the fishing boats returning with their catches. He had intended to enjoy a rare moment of serenity when his cell phone rang, shattering the peace.

With a sigh, Danny answered, “Gumbo Investigations. What’s your problem today?”

On the other end of the line was Detective Laura Henderson, a sharp-witted officer known for her relentless pursuit of justice. Her voice was heavy with frustration.

“Remember our deal, Gumbo? You’re on call if I ever need your ‘unique set of skills.’ Well, I need your help now.”

“What’s the case, Henderson?” Danny asked, straightening up. It wasn’t often that Laura Henderson called upon his expertise.

“A murder, Gumbo. We’ve got a body washed up on the beach, and it’s not a pretty sight. The victim’s a young woman, and we can’t identify her. I need you to help with the investigation,” Laura explained.

Danny agreed to meet her at the crime scene, resigning himself to the fact that his moment of respite would have to wait. He arrived at the desolate stretch of beach, where the waves whispered dark secrets and the salt-tinged breeze hung heavy with tension.

The scene was grim. A young woman’s lifeless body lay on the sand, her eyes staring blankly at the endless horizon. The sea had not been kind to her, and the sand was stained with a stark contrast of crimson.

“Who is she, Henderson?” Danny asked as he surveyed the scene, the waves lapping at his worn boots.

Laura shook her head. “We don’t know yet. Her face is unrecognizable, and we’re missing identification. She could be a local or a tourist. The cause of death appears to be strangulation.”

They painstakingly collected evidence and interviewed beachgoers who had stumbled upon the gruesome discovery. No one could identify the victim, and her presence on the beach was a baffling mystery.

As the investigation progressed, they decided to broaden their search to the local motels and…



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