“Define legal…”

Chris Lowry
3 min readDec 15, 2020

I probably need a lawyer.

No, I didn’t do anything wrong, don’t worry.

Well, wait. Define wrong…

But this is about something else, you pervert.

I need a lawyer to answer a question.

Did you ever see that movie with Reese Witherspoon, LEGALLY BLONDE?

She says something in class, and the professor says, “Now you’re thinking like a lawyer.”

It was an on the verge of ridiculous statement about abandonment of potential children.

But from a “legal” perspective, it made sense.

Which is the funny thing about the “law.”

For example, you can now drive 75 on the Interstate in Arkansas.

It isn’t against the law.

Six months ago, it was.

The Highway Department got a grant from an oil company to determine it was safer to drive at higher speeds. Cars are safer, roads are better.

I’m not sure where they did the study, cause our roads aren’t all that great.

Out of 50 states, we rank in the bottom three.

I mean, I just bought a half acre of waterfront property on the pothole in the middle of the highway, so there is that.

But safe?

Especially at speed.

But now it’s the law. Funded by an oil company.

Did you know higher speeds lower your fuel mileage? Over fifty mph, it’s pretty dramatic.

I only know this because an eco-friendly bud of mine spent an entire drive from Little Rock to St. Louis telling me about it.

So I remembered it.

An oil company that makes money from selling fuel, gives money to the highway department to say it’s okay to drive faster (and burn more fuel).

But it’s legal now.

It’s a law.

My question is about Covid.

I saw a tweet about mandates, recommendations versus requirements.

Someone was bitching about having to wear a mask.

Saying they weren’t gonna do it and nobody could make them.

You know, the good old American freedom rant folks like to hop up and scream about.

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