Faint of Heart — WIP II

Chris Lowry
4 min readFeb 15, 2021

Josephine “JO” Wynne’s momma may have been a bit on the eccentric side when she decided to name her only child after the love of Napolean’s life, but it could have been worse. She could have been called Jolene, which was her aunt’s name.

Jo sat in the outer office in the Sheriff’s Department staring through the double glass doors that looked out on a quiet city street.

She wasn’t sure if she was allowed to call it a city, maybe a town with a population that hovered around forty thousand during the week. Town then, and this door faced one of the less busy intersections.

Jo contemplated the move that brought her here.

Two months ago, she’d been fired from her job as a Deputy up in the Dakotas after solving a string of murders made by a serial killer.

She had been helped by a fugitive, a man on the run from the law, and she was convinced he was a killer too.

It was his eyes, she thought.

Still, he told her some men might follow up and ask questions once she threw his name into the system.

They had.

But instead of a reward, the Sheriff there had called her into his office and let her go. No severance. No time to regroup. Just get gone.


The Sheriff’s receptionist opened the wooden door and invited her into the inner sanctum.

She stood and held the clipboard with her application on it in one hand.

“All finished?”

The receptionist had introduced herself as Flo. She had fake red hair, garish make up on and could have been somewhere between forty and seventy, though Jo pegged her closer to the sixty range.

A woman who had been a looker in her day, and now was refusing to age gracefully.

Giant fake boobs that stretched her cotton blouse, wide hips that almost spread door to door, but no flab on her arms, and no sign of the turkey neck that a lot of women of a certain age start to develop when there’s too much wine and too little exercise.

Jo’s mother had the same condition.

She passed the clipboard back to the receptionist.

“It’s Jo,” she said and smiled.

Flo gave her a warm smile back.



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