Leave it Better Than You Found it.

Chris Lowry
4 min readAug 9, 2021

Leave it better than you found it.

Maybe it’s a country song.

Or I might have seen the sign at a trailhead before wandering off into the woods to wonder.

Which seems to me to be good advice no matter what.

Can you imagine if we applied that pithy philosophy to relationships.

You meet someone, even for a moment, and you leave them better than you found them.

I need this lesson in my life. More so today than most others.

Today, there was traffic.

Stacked and packed with idiots.

There was speeding and swerving, and some jackamoe hauling 90 mph into a rush hour back up.

Which doesn’t make sense to me.

Why do some people think situations just don’t apply to them?

As if the sea of cars are going to part like the Red Sea in front of Moses, cause this kid in a pick up wants to get where he’s going two minutes faster than anyone else?

I did not leave him better than I found him.

Nor did he do the same for me.

I did refrain from cursing.

From flying the bird with some advice where he could sit, spin and consider his life choices.

Maybe that’s better?!?

I stayed off the Interstate after dropping the kid off at school.

The drive on sideroads adds an extra five minutes, sometimes ten, to each trip thanks to red lights.

And potholes.

The main road from downtown up through North Little Rock is Main Street, which turns into JFK when it heads up into the Park Hill neighborhood.

It once was the showcase BLVD of North Little Rock.

Now, it is not better than I found it.

Not better than anyone found it.

The road looks like a turtle shell in spots, and feels like riding over a torture device.

At least that’s how the car makes it sound.

It makes one wonder where the tax dollars go, if they do not go toward road repair.

Chris Lowry

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