Lucky Stiff — a classic mystery

Chris Lowry
Sep 22, 2023

A good cover for a private dick.

Taking pictures.

Hiding behind a camera, watching the world unfold around you.

Sure, some people stop and stare, but the rest just ignore you.

Fish Williams knew it first hand.

Folks wondered what he was shooting when he had the lens aimed a certain direction.

They never knew he was watching, waiting, studying and sometimes, hunting.

Just another day in the life of a down on his luck PI trying to solve a case and get paid.

Fans of old fashioned who done it’s are going to enjoy the Fish Williams classic styled PI series where a guy’s just trying to make a living doing what he does best. Getting beat up trying to find answers to all the world’s problems.

Check out LUCKY STIFF today.



Chris Lowry

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