Magic Monday 11 13

Chris Lowry
2 min readNov 13, 2023

Hey it’s Chris,

Another Magic Monday.

And we’re close to a season of magic.

I know, a lot of you consider Halloween and October the time of magic, but to me, it’s more supernatural.

Christmas is more magic.

I mean, imagine the spell that is cast every year, the glow of anticipation of gifts, the twinkling lights like stars in the night sky.

It’s just a feeling.

And if you pay attention, it’s contagious.

Peace on earth and good will toward men. (and women)

Of course, it’s something you have to work at.

A lot of people feel the flicker of the magic and shut. It. Down.

Because they don’t want magic in their soul.

Who knows why?

Me, I’m on the hunt for it. Craving it like a junkie. Give me more magic please. I’ll take this season and give it a reason to carry into the new year.

Who’s with me?

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