Memorial Day Special

Chris Lowry
2 min readMay 27, 2023


In the land of the brave, on this hallowed day,

We gather together, heads bowed, hearts to say,

A tribute to heroes who valiantly fought,

For freedom and justice, the battles they sought.

Through fields of despair, they marched without fear,

Their courage unwavering, their purpose clear.

They stood side by side, united as one,

Defending our nation until the battle was won.

On foreign shores they fought, their duty embraced,

Leaving loved ones behind, their hearts tightly laced,

With hope and with prayer, for their safe return,

Their sacrifice, a lesson, we must forever yearn.

In the air and at sea, they soared to great heights,

Their wings spread wide, like eagles taking flight.

They braved the unknown, faced danger and strife,

Protecting our freedom, our way of life.

For those who have fallen, we honor this day,

Their memory eternal, in our hearts they stay.

Their names on the walls, their stories we share,

In the tapestry of history, they’ll always be there.

So let us remember, with gratitude and pride,

The brave men and women who bravely defied,

The call of duty, they heeded the cry,

With love for their country, they were willing to die.

On this Memorial Day, let us solemnly vow,

To honor their legacy, to remember them now,

With reverence and respect, we’ll never forget,

The heroes who gave all, with no regret.

Their sacrifice echoes through the ages,

Guiding us through history’s pages.

So let us stand together, hand in hand,

In the spirit of unity, across this land.

For they are the heroes, the brave and the true,

The ones who fought for me and for you.

On this Memorial Day, our hearts sing,

A tribute to those who gave everything.

In the land of the brave, we gather as one,

To remember the fallen, each daughter and son.

Their spirit lives on, their legacy clear,

In our hearts, they will always be near.

So let us pause and reflect, on this sacred day,

And honor the heroes who paved the way.

For freedom and justice, they made the ultimate sacrifice,

May their memory forever shine, bright as the skies.

In our thoughts and in our prayers, we hold them dear,

The brave warriors, we will always revere.

On this Memorial Day, stand strong and true,

Remembering the fallen.



Chris Lowry

Author at Runner writing books both fiction and non fiction, crypto investor, real estate and urban renewal.