One Day This Will Make Sense

Chris Lowry
4 min readNov 16, 2022

Things that don’t make sense.

MAGA’s blaming Biden for inflation.

Repub’s doing the same.

It’s like people can’t read.

Tyson recorded record profits by raising prices.

So did Exxon.

And Shell.

And JB Hunt.

Last time I checked, the sitting President didn’t raise corporate prices so that executives get bigger bonuses.

But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

I’m not a Democrat.

You can call me a libtard al you want, but it just means again, the truth does not matter to your opinion.

Corporations across the board are price gouging the American people, all the while laying off thousands.

Thousands that will add up to millions when the reports start coming out in February.

It is an old cycle.

And a cycle it is.

Corporate greed destroys the economy that everyone knows is based on consumer spending.

Not corporations.

Not small businesses.

Although one would argue that corporations “pay” people so they can spend.

Which is a truth.

But that opens up a rabbit hole of how little they can get away with paying versus how much they cost a community in tax base and revenue.

It is almost feudal in the way it’s set up.

Take Arkansas for example.

Please God, take Arkansas, this #49 state on all lists that continues to vote to remain on the bottom.

Arkansas just announced it’s the new location for an Italian ammunition factory.

It’s going to build a multi-million dollar facility in the Arkansas River Port.

It’s getting tax breaks for a decade, plus land donation and incentives.

They won’t release the total number yet, because I’ll divide that number by 120.

The total number of jobs being brought to Arkansas for the project.

The Guv argues that it also includes construction jobs.

He fails to mention that site prep dirt work is being done by a company out of Texas.

Chris Lowry

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