Over The Moon — a sci fi comedy

Chris Lowry
5 min readNov 3, 2023


In the quiet town of Starryville, Jim and Lisa were out for a romantic evening.

They’d driven to Lover’s Lane, a secluded spot atop a hill, to stargaze and enjoy each other’s company.

As they gazed up at the twinkling night sky, something bizarre caught their eye.

“Jim, do you see that?” Lisa pointed at a glowing object in the distance.

Jim squinted.

“What is that? A shooting star?”

But the object wasn’t falling. It was hovering and pulsating with an eerie green light.

“That’s no shooting star,” Lisa said, gripping Jim’s arm.

The UFO descended silently, landing in a nearby field.

Jim, ever the brave one, grabbed a flashlight and declared, “I’m gonna check it out. You stay here.”

Lisa hesitated but nodded. “Be careful, Jim.”

With his heart pounding, Jim ventured toward the strange craft. The hatch opened, and out stepped three alien beings with bulbous heads and shiny silver suits. T

hey had peculiar, glowing udders hanging from their chests.

Jim gasped. “You ain’t from around here, are ya?”

The aliens looked at each other, then at Jim, and one replied, “Indeed, we’re not. We’ve been studying your Earth cows.”

“Cows?” Jim was perplexed. “What’s so fascinating about cows?”

The second alien chimed in, “Cows are the keepers of cosmic wisdom, and we’ve come to return them.”

Jim scratched his head. “Return them? Return them where?”

The third alien leaned closer to Jim, whispering, “They’ve been learning the art of bovinity, and now they’re ready to conquer the world!”

Jim’s eyes widened. “Conquer the world? You’ve got to be pulling my leg!”

The aliens, unfazed by Jim’s disbelief, guided him toward the UFO. “Come see for yourself.”

Inside, Jim was met with a sight he could hardly believe. Rows of cows, each sporting strange metallic headgear, were peacefully grazing on digital pastures. They were emitting a low, harmonious hum that…



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