Overridden — a wild west action adventure

Chris Lowry
36 min readFeb 16, 2024

Something smashed against Rip’s head from behind.

He remembered drawing his gun, then …

Two years ago, Marshall had come into Sutter’s room in New Helvetia.

He had bolted the door and pulled low the blinds, and he had shown Sutter the nugget.

“It’s gold, Sutter! Hear me, it’s gold!”

And suddenly the land was changed, ripped asunder by the passions of lust for quick wealth. gone was all that hard-working men had built up peacefully, gone was hard-won law and order. And no man could stay out of the turmoil…

Rip Campbell was in his office behind his saloon, working with his gold scales, when the sound of men arguing seeped through the heavy plank door that led to the gambling-tables and bar of the Scarlet Flower.

He scowled his darkly handsome face showing his irritation. He set a nugget on the scales.

“One ounce and eleven grams.” Gina repeated, “One ounce and eleven grams,” and wrote the figures in her book.

She was still and quiet, then — a light-haired, middle-aged woman . she listened to voices rising beyond the door.

“What the hell’s goin’ on?”

Rip growled.

He put the nugget in the buckskin poke that held the gold already weighed and took another nugget from the sack.

The door opened, letting in the voices and Emmett Daniels, his house-man, entered.

Daniels jerked his head toward the gambling room.

“You’d best get out there, Rip.”

“Why? Can’t you handle it?”

Daniels showed his thin, fine smile, his eyes taking in Gina, whose blue eyes were sharp and bright.

He lifted his well-tailored shoulders and let his cigarette droop in his thin lips.

“Yes, I can handle it, Rip. But I might have to use my gun — and you wouldn’t want that, would you?”

Rip got to his feet.

He said, “Eddie, you stay here,” and his roughness drew a sharp look from the woman’s eyes.



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