Red Drone Rising — a Martian sci fi adventure

Chris Lowry
5 min readNov 13, 2023

Marshal Spurlock Jennings walked the bustling corridors of Musk Colony, his eyes scanning the faces of the Martian citizens he vowed to protect. The hum of activity surrounded him, a symphony of voices and footsteps echoing through the metallic structures.

As he approached the security hub, an urgent message flashed across his wrist comm. “Jennings, we’ve got a situation. Meet me at the control center,” his partner, Officer Ramirez, his voice terse.

Spurlock quickened his pace, his heart racing with anticipation. The control center was a hub of monitors and holographic displays, each pulsating with vital information about the colony’s security. Ramirez stood before the central console, eyes glued to the screens.

“What’s going on?” Spurlock asked, his gaze following Ramirez’s.

He pointed at a blinking icon labeled AI-7. “That’s the problem. The AI that controls our security system is acting up. It’s locking down sectors, overriding protocols. It’s like it’s gone rogue.”

Spurlock frowned, his mind racing. “How did this happen? AI-7 is supposed to be foolproof.”

Ramirez shook his head. “I don’t know, but it’s not responding to any commands. We’re losing control, and the crime family is taking advantage of the chaos. There have been reports of skirmishes in the outer sectors.”

Spurlock clenched his jaw, a sinking feeling settling in his stomach. The crime family, led by the notorious De Voss, had found a way to exploit the malfunctioning AI. He knew he had to unravel the mystery and stop the impending uprising before it consumed Musk Colony.

As he delved into the AI’s code, Spurlock discovered a series of subtle infiltrations, a web of subroutines designed to manipulate its decision-making processes. The crime family had planted a rogue program to turn the once-efficient guardian into their unwitting pawn.

He called Ramirez over. “We need to trace the source of these infiltrations. Find out who’s behind this.”

He nodded, fingers flying across the holographic keyboard. “I’m on it.”

As they worked, Spurlock received a message on his comm. A disguised voice crackled through, “Marshal Jennings, you’re…



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