Remarkable Marketing for any Small Business Owner #1

Chris Lowry
10 min readJul 26, 2021

HOW TO HOST A Chili Cook Off at your small business and build community relationships

Do you want your business to stand out?

First, I want to ask you a question. What sets you apart from any other business out there just like yours?

I know what your answer is going to be. “Customer service.”

But if every business is giving lip service to the customer service claim, then what exactly is going to make you stand apart?

The answer is community.

You need to build a sense of belonging with your clients and have you be first in mind to satisfy their needs when a problem arises.

Car dealerships are poised to do this, but fail in the execution. Always.

Have you ever heard a car ad that invites you to come on by and grab a hot dog or hamburger while you look at new cars?

Great effort at community building. Then the salesmen, who work on commission, try to sell you a car. Sometimes it’s a hard sell, and it’s often not pleasant.

It’s like, “Hey, I gave you a 10 cent hot dog, give me your car keys and sign over 50% of your paycheck to get in a shiny new ride.”

Ugh. Frustrating.

Look we know people like new cars. They’re safe. Reliable. Good gas mileage.

We also know a lot of dealers work in grey areas and prey on the lack of knowledge from a consumer. Why do you think used car salesman ranks in the top five least trusted professions all the time.

Which is crazy, since everybody needs an automobile (unless you’re me and can bike or run the 15 miles to and from work.)

It may be more accurate to say, everybody wants a good new car, but they don’t want to be gouged or cheated.

So car dealerships have a long way to go to make up for lost reputation.

You may not have so far to go. It may be easy for you as a business owner to start building a community with your clients and potential clients.

This series is designed so you can do it for very little marketing investment.

Chris Lowry

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