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Chris Lowry
2 min readSep 23, 2023

Hey it’s Chris,

Happy Saturday!

Did you grab A Pint of Problems off of Bookfunnel?

The story of the oft inebriated ex lawyer Jake Burbank has been hanging out in my headspace this week.

Probably because of some huge announcements in his hometown, a 3.8 Billion GTL project north of the city.

Gas to Liquid.

One of the biggest things to happen to Pine Bluff, maybe ever.

It made me think of stories to tell about and how and around the lawyer, and what I’ve outlined for him so far.

A boom like this lasts around 7 years once they start construction, which is good enough for what I have planned, so if you want something fun to curl up with…

Besides me…

Grab A Fifth of Trouble today, then be ready for:

A Shot of Revenge

A Double Shot of Revenge

Death by a .45

Soul with a Capital S

Mr. Lonely

Mr. Good Time

Mr. Saturday Night

Population Minus Me

And more.

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Speaking of more, I’ve uploaded a few free stories:

Bloodbound Pursuit

Shadow Spell

Last Stand

If you like westerns or mystery’s, I’ve uploaded some Curtis Long titles to round out your weekend.

Books by Curtis Long

Fish Williams, PI Series

CUBA LIBRE — a Fish Williams Mystery

MOJITO — a Fish Williams Mystery

Lucky Stiff — a classic mystery

Obstacle Corpse — a classic mystery

The Gumbo Files — The Danny Gumbo Mystery Series

Foible — a mystery classic adventure

The Rip Campbell Western Adventures Series

1. Noose Fever — a classic wild west adventure

2. Five Beans in the Wheel — a classic western adventure

3. Tinhorn — a classic old west action adventure

4. Cowpoke — a classic old west adventure

5. Bone Orchard — a classic wild west adventure

6. Cowboy Trouble — a wild west adventure

7. Six Gun Destiny — a classic western adventure

8. Beats Dying — a Wild West Action Adventure

9. Holster Holiday — classic western action adventure

10. Eating Iron — a wild west action adventure

11. Cowpoke — wild western action adventure

12. Out and Out — a wild west adventure

13. Pan Out — a classic western action adventure

14. Crowbait — a classic wild west adventure

15. Noose Bait — classic wild west adventure

16. Bangtail — an action packed western adventure

17. Fetch Up — a wild west adventure

18. Range Trouble — a classic western action adventure

19. Hog Leg — an action packed western adventure

20. Saddle Tramp — a classic wild west action adventure

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