What is Sci Fi Friday Fun

Chris Lowry
2 min readSep 23, 2023

Hey it’s Chris,

Happy Sci Fi Friday!

Are you a Battlestar Fan?

I keep thinking about the series, both the original and the remake and wonder how I would work something like it out.

A decimated military leading a ragtag collection of survivors to an unknown safe haven.

Then I remember FLYOVER ZOMBIE from the Battlefield Z series, which is just that.

A squad of soldiers sent into the middle of a wasteland to save one woman who refuses to leave without the group of survivors she’s decided to help.

I outlined six novels in the series, and there they sit, on my computer, staring at me like the bright eyes of a cylon.


I write a post apoc series that isn’t really about zombies, though they are there. It’s more like humanity’s last stand against the forces that rage against us.

But that might not be your thing.

You can try the style here to see if you like it: BATTLEFIELD Z

And if you do, pick up the complete boxset.

Though, if your thing is space, you should check out LUNAR HUSTLE, in The Dipole Shield Series.

You can get these two free from me today, and then grab the next in the series to fill out your weekend.

If you like free, go subscribe to YOUTUBE for free sci fi stories, audiobooks and more!

You can also read a free sci fi short here:

The Orion Factor

I’m uploading a few more today, and plan to have a rough dozen or so shorts you can read for free over the next two weeks.

I’ll make sure you get links so you can check them out if you like.

Until next week,

I hope your weekend is awesome.


Be sure to grab the next in series from CHRIS LOWRY BOOKS



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