Ten Ways to Make More Money Writing

Chris Lowry
4 min readFeb 20, 2020

1.Syndicate Your Content to Other Sites

If you don’t have as much time for guest posting, another option is to let other aggregator sites republish your content to their audiences. As long as you include links to your other articles in the post, it’s a great way to get in front of a new audience and drive more traffic to your site. As a bonus, this also helps with SEO.

Getting started: Check out Sarah’s epic guide to easily republishing your content on big sites for a massive increase in traffic!

2. Repurpose Your Content for Medium

In-between syndicating and guest posting, you can also repurpose your content into smaller pieces (with links to your site, of course) and publish it on Medium.

Since Medium has publications with thousands of readers, if you can get your piece picked up by one you’ll get a ton of new readers that you never would have otherwise reached.

Getting started: Try Cathryn and Allen’s “Medium Hack” to gain a ton of quick exposure.

3. Republish Your Content on Secondary Blog Networks

Create a Tumblr, Medium blog, Squarespace blog, Quora blog, or any other “secondary” blog platform and republish all of your content on it with links back to your site.

You can also publish the content as “posts” to social sites like reddit and LinkedIn, as long form content meant to spark discussion.

Getting started: Set up blogs on other platforms, and then use services like IFTTT to automatically republish to them, or quickly do it manually with tools like Medium’s story importer.

4. Create a Wikipedia Page

If you already have some impact and reach, you can submit for a Wikipedia page to be made about yourself or your business. Then within the page you can link back to your own site to drive more traffic to it.

Getting started: Check out Wikipedia’s own guide to creating your first article.

5. Add Your Articles as Wikipedia References

Find Wikipedia articles about topics that you’re written about or have content around, and then suggest that parts of Wikipedia pages be linked back to your site as a reference. It’s a nofollow link, but it can still help send some traffic your way.

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