The 2022 Marketing Plan

Chris Lowry
2 min readJan 20, 2022

The 2022 Marketing Plan

It’s only $299.

That’s 20% off.

Even though I don’t have it.

It’s for a limited time, which is the best way to make a discount offer.

I do it all the time with 5 day promotions.

But they never schedule it around the 29th, which is Amazon payday.

It’s always the week before.


I’ve seen a lot of marketing opportunities slip past me because of timing.

I don’t know if it would level up the author career, but it’s tough to watch the misses.

I think it would.

Because it has in the past.

It’s the reason I took a regular job. But that doesn’t pay until Feb 3.

So here I sit, with an idea and a dream.

And a need.

One investor with $1500. Or 10 investors with $150.

That’s the big one.

What would I do with 1500?

Buy four weeks worth of promotions on Freebooksy and Fussy Librarian.

Buy four weeks worth of Facebook ads scheduled over February and March.



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