The Future We Were Promised

Chris Lowry
2 min readAug 20, 2022

Assurances were made.

Electric cars and off world colonies.


The end to world hunger.

The end of poverty.

End of Cancer.

Not all the bad things, of course.

Just the start of better things.

Instead we got this.

Threats of Civil War 2.0.

Republicans versus Democrats versus Maga.

The new third party that sounds a lot like Nazi 2.0.

Nationalism. Totalitarianism.

Not an upgrade.

Not a better version that leads to a utopian tomorrow.

It didn’t work out so great for fascists.

Mussolini doing the Spandau ballet in a town square.

Hitler sucking on a .38.

His ilk hunted or hung, unless they could help Uncle Sam in the race for Nukes or to beat the Russians to the moon.

Then they got new identities and stipends and new lives doing the same old work.

Just for a different flag.

Not different ideals though.


Cause Uncle Sam had a whole lot of Nazi’s too.

Kindred spirits with kindred thoughts.

Us versus Them like minds.

They didn’t so much as infect us as allow the infection to spread.

From within.

Men smart enough to build a bomb that can shift the world off it’s axis are smart enough to sow division.

Smart enough to watch it grow.

They built on a decade of learning how to manipulate and reeducate the German people to hate “them.”

The “how to” was always easier than the why.

The “why” is complicated.

And “us” and “them” have been reeducated to avoid the complicated.

Empathy. Compassion. Understanding. Those are complicated.

Hard to practice.

Chris Lowry

Author at Runner writing books both fiction and non fiction, crypto investor, real estate and urban renewal.