This is Why We Fight

Chris Lowry
4 min readOct 25, 2022

No Jews Allowed.

No Blacks Allowed.

No Irish Allowed.

No Italians.

No Indians Ever Allowed.

We’re whitewashing history, but you’ve seen the signs.

Or black and white pictures at least.

If you haven’t, it’s because you’re not looking.

Not seeing what’s in front of you.

Ignoring facts.

We are good at it.

Better than almost anything else in the world.

We ignore facts.

Because of…


I lived it yesterday.

Two of us reading the contract.

The other guy had a “feeling” it meant something other than what it actually stated.

And he dug in his heels.

Stood his ground.

He was wrong and that was the hill he chose to die on.

Because of…


Logic didn’t work.

Reason didn’t apply.

Hell, the actual language didn’t work.

It was like listening to a guilty man say, “It depends on what your definition of “is” is.”

We are a country founded by zealots.

Religious nuts who fled persecution to find a place they could practice what they thought was right in peace.


Child rapists.

Just kidding, they were multi-child rapists, and they didn’t found the country.

Just Utah.

Our founders were called Puritans and they practiced a special kind of religion, one based on exclusion.

An idea they carried with them into the next couple of hundred years.

Nobody allowed but us.

The idea of it permeates the foundation of our thoughts.

We feel like this country belongs to “us” even if logic, facts and history prove one thing.



Chris Lowry

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