What Are You Working On Today?

Chris Lowry
3 min readSep 8, 2021


That’s how many projects I have going at the moment.

I wish it was one.

And that doesn’t count the project management projects, in audio and hardcover and expanding into Barnes and Noble and libraries.

My computer started slowing down after a back up the other day.

When I do a back up, I close out every window, clean the cache, clean up the drive and try to make everything smoother.

And I start back up by opening two windows.

Google and a single Word Doc.

The lure of the blank page waiting to be filled with ten ideas for that day, or with words for the book in process, or a blog post.

A letter like this one that will piss off some, who write angry letters and tell me to piss off. Or champions who join me on the podium and shake their virtual fists at the real enemy.

And then I save the post.

Open a second because there is editing to be done, and formatting.

Open a third because while I was editing, a thought popped into mind on a scene and conversation that had to be captured.

Repeat ten more times until eleven projects are going.

Which is crazy. I know.

And yet it still happens. 500 words per day in each project, sometimes a thousand.

I hit incredible word counts because I type fast and think fast and keep my mind moving.

Except they are divided across different works.

Long ago, I decided to embrace juggling a hundred balls in the air at once.

It was too stressful to just focus on one thing.

That kind of focus and pressure creates vapor lock.

So I juggle multiple projects, and keep track and if something gets dropped, no worries, I just pick up the ball and keep going.

A hundred holiday recipes for the coming season. Product reviews for things I use on the day to day. A wish list of things to come.

A scene in Death King. A scene in Friends Like These. A scene in Gear Adrift. A few more words in Rogue.

Chris Lowry

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