What did you do on your stay-cation?

Chris Lowry
4 min readDec 29, 2020

Back to school.

I remember the song from Grease 2 named “Back to School.”

I used to sing it to my children, oddly enough, during August when it was that time of year.

Now I’m back in school.

This Covid staycation has turned me into a teacher, of sorts.

By virtue of working at home, most of the time, I became the default setting to watch the kid.

He does not think being home is school.

There are letters each week from the teacher about how well he follows directions, what a delight he is, etc, etc.

I’ve got the argument version. The one who questions every word, every statement. Every single thing becomes a debate and struggle.

A big difference from how I normally spend my day.

Thank God for coffee. And patience.

I could use a little more patience.

We did this a few weeks in January as he got his tonsils out. I didn’t get much work done because of the whole “wait on me hand and foot” thing.

The same goes for now. I’m trying to carve out work, while being the de facto manservant for an 8 year old prince.

“No PS4 today until you spend 40 minutes in quiet time reading.”

“This sucks. Reading sucks. I want to go play basketball. I want to play baseball. Can we go for a bike ride? When is my mom getting home? I want to call my mom. I hate school. You big head!”

Yes, that’s his cutdown to me. Big head. Bald head. Big bald head.

Which is something fans of Norman Reedus call him on Instagram, I think, so funny enough, I’m okay with it.


While I’m herding cats, I decided to go back to school to learn a few things on the publishing side of the industry.

Because I don’t think I’m ever too old to learn something.

So I did, to set the example. I joined a publishing school to learn more about the behind the scenes mechanics of running an entertainment company.

Some of it, I know already.

But it’s like most things: you may “know” how to do something, you may “know” what you need to do to reach your goal, but the big difference between knowing and doing is the action part.

Chris Lowry

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