What Is The Main Issue People Face Today?

Chris Lowry
4 min readJun 7, 2024

No assembly required.

I once prided myself on communication.

I used the KISS technique.

Keep It Simple Sexy.

The last part was to find an innuendo in every opportunity.

Now I have to be careful who I joke with.

So that I don’t offend.

Every word measured, every thought contained.

It means I can have as much free speech as I want, so long as it follows strict and inclusive modern guidelines.

No jokes about having sex.

It’s a trigger.

No talking about burning books.

I might upset a pyromaniac.

It’s funny, this cancel culture we are diving in to.

One percent of the population or less hop on a Twitter train and suddenly, something is gone.

Which is good for getting rid of bad things.

But who is in charge of deciding what is bad?

Maybe I’m a sort of capitalist when it comes to that.

Let the market decide.

Ever wonder why some books sit in the discount bins and never sell?



Chris Lowry

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