What is the new normal for your business?

Chris Lowry
3 min readDec 29, 2020

The New Normal

What a phrase! It’s pulled out every couple of years to describe a shift in the way we live our lives.

Smartphones were introduced a decade ago.

Now people carry a computer in their pocket that’s stronger than the one Ronald Reagan had when he was leading the Free World.

It’s a new normal.

When Verizon introduced the Smartphone, one of their marketing pulls was unlimited data. I grabbed the phone and ran it as a hotspot for Netflix, for school, for dating.

I sent millions of texts and made less than 100 phone calls.

It was the new normal.

Then they pulled that plan and put caps on it.

Now, they’re back to unlimited data and rolling out 5G.

The New Normal is opportunity.

Right now, we’re concerned about the big nasty Covid-19 virus.

Guess what.

It’s going to peak in a few weeks and decline. Someone will develop a vaccine.

And each year for the next five, tens of thousands of people will die from it.

Just like each year, America drops 30k people to the flu. Covid might take 50k.

It will become normalized.

But what the Coronavirus Qurantine has taught us is that our old way of doing things was not normal.

Corporations across the country will realize they employed mid-level managers to make sure people didn’t screw around at work.

I predict there will be a massive shift in the way people work, using technology to increase remote work and measure productivity, without the need for middle management to herd people into the right things.

This is going to require new metrics to measure productivity (results focused) and is going to change the work dynamic.

If I were building a business right now, I’d focus on how to make work from remote fast, viable and seamless. A new work APP that people can use from their smart phones.

If I were investing, I’d look for companies that provide this technology or the infrastructure to make it happen.

For example, MASSIVE WI-FI COVERAGE with signal repeaters on every rooftop, creating a seamless coverage net. Do we have it…



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