What is Thriller Thursday All About?

Chris Lowry
2 min readSep 24, 2023

Hey it’s Chris,

Your Thriller Thursday is here.

I’ve got two treats and something tasty for you today.

First up is an excerpt from Disavowed- The Shadowboxer Files. If you don’t have it yet, just click and get it sent straightaway.

Then grab IN THE DARK, the next in series and get ready for TRUE NATURE.



See the Post Script for more great news.


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The Shadowboxer Files

1. Asset

2. Render

3. Operative

4. Sideways

5. Chokepoint

6. Decreed

7. In The Dark

8. True Nature

9. Nominee

10. False Flag

11. Burn Bag

12. Tin Trooper

13. Nazi Nukes — guest apperance

The Jake Burbank Mysteries

1. A Pint of Problems

2. A Fifth of Trouble

3. A Shot of Revenge

4. A Double Shot of Revenge

5. Death by a 45

6. Touched — an off the wall thriller

7. Back to Business — sequel to Touched

8. Friends Like These — book three in the Touched trilogy

9. Shadows of the Past — a thriller

10. Grandpa’s Secret War — a thriller

11. Bayou Justice — a thriller

12. Bayou Revenge — a thriller

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