What The Heck Happened In That City?

Chris Lowry
5 min readApr 22, 2024

I’ve been thinking about Pine Bluff a lot of late.

My hometown.

I wonder though, if it’s better in memory than it was in reality.

Maybe I devote too much brain power to it.

Too much glossing over the rough spots.

Tony Robbins taught me to take a memory and make it like a movie reel.

Stop it, enlarge the good parts, make them bright and shiny.

Take the bad stuff and put it out of focus.

Minimize it.

I can do it with mistakes I’ve made in life.

Give them no more thought, time or energy because anything that happens before right this moment is a ghost.

Not real.

Even if the consequences of what happened then can be.

And spending time on a future that may not come to pass in a city I’m no longer in, might be a waste as well.


Why would a man plant a tree?

It won’t grow to give shade in his lifetime.

Maybe we plant trees for our children and grandchildren, so they will have shade, or fruit or air to breathe.



Chris Lowry

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