What Would You Do if You Could Do Anything?

Chris Lowry
4 min readAug 13, 2022

I’m obsessed with small business and local owned.

Sure, some of the big chains are great.

Well, not really great, but good.

Good enough that they feel great, even though they aren’t.

I think about how to make small businesses more successful, and I think about how to grow my business.

The “Media” company.

It’s simple.

Talk on video about every single thing I like.


Not easy.

Because like a lot of folks, I’m not as patient as I want to be.

I suffer a lot from the “want it now” as opposed to building up a Tribe over a few years.

Because I built a tribe already, around fiction.

Not all of them are interested in urban planning or using social media to save tiny towns.

Not many of them care about chasing the perfect cheeseburger, or trying out Mamaw’s secret recipes.

So I need a new or more Tribe.

One wrapped around entrepreneurship and business ideas.

Because I have hundreds of them.

I told someone that once.

I have a hundred business ideas.

So they challenged me.

Share them, they said.

Because you can’t build one hundred businesses to the level that you want.

Some are side hustles, he said.

Some are just ideas, not plans or roadmaps or reasonable easy to execute.

Like the massive scale real estate portfolio designed to repopulate the decayed interior of a small town.

Lots of money needed for that one.

But what if you don’t have a ton of money?

I have ideas for that too.

Things to start and do that can build over time and scale.

He said to share those too.

Which is the plan.

Part of it, anyway.



Chris Lowry

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